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Poem - Safe Arms

I've got a few friends that I can (more) tell how I'm really feeling. With them I can share the (larger) breadth of my life. They are some of the most precious things I have in my life. “Safe Arms” is about the beauty of these relationships, and the perceived dangers of a larger world.

Safe Arms

The door is closed for my good
in response to the world
believing I'd harm innocence
thin veneer of their good
dogma marching in the streets
shouting threats that demand
revelation of the beast
exclamation of what could be.

They're too harsh with their words
when only scars would be revealed
in the company of my truest self
the fullest breadth of nakedness
there are no weapons to be had
unless you count my relevance
put aside when I'm seen
mere distraction from the cause.

Some would see without disgust
their power coming from inside
a frame of reference similar
to the space I've lived my life
in their eyes I'd find respect
to have survived to this point
mutually knowing beyond the shade
that tragedy awaits in the streets.

Where the storms howl outside
intolerance knocking on the door
judgment traded for sympathy
protection arrived at all costs
danger rests in their hands
platitudes spoken for greater good
as the dagger is held in close
behind the smile hiding death.

In this tale of consequence
lovely allies held close to heart
hearing thoughts that come to mind
while the world is kept at bay
this is the caution I embrace
while I seek the other ones
of same scars or even more
to recluse in safe arms.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170831.
Tags: poem, society

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