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Poem - Mimic’s Laugh

“Mimic’s Laugh” was supposed to be about the similarities and differences of mirrors and windows. There are some aspects to this remaining in the poem. The end result is more.

Mimic’s Laugh

I stare into the silent glass
puzzled by the scene present
echoes of sad humor found
on the wall before my face

reality is conviction shared
with impressions floating there
some are shared by the group
others visible to only one

boundary stopping more than life
the touches beyond who I am
flesh to flesh will not be
when the pane is unkind

the hues evoke emotion’s child
with the highs and the lows
darkest blacks and bleakest grays
stand aside with rainbow’s span

portal to the other realms
one inside the mortal flesh
another framed to reveal
workings of an outer world

imperfect copy sadly mocks
cold and flat is all I feel
images that may have depth
facsimile is the mimic’s laugh.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170903.
Tags: mirror, poem

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