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Poem - The Companion

I wanted to play with the concept of midnight. The end result is the poem “The Companion”.

The Companion

Midnight’s edge is my friend
confidant I’ll not betray
holding secrets none shall know
if my ally is kept mute

not a lover, more than a friend
bless satellite I’ll hold dear
I know the sibling is removed
a surrogate is near at hand

behind the clouds that confuse
none may guess who they are
dreams are private in the mind
wisps that hide in sleep’s domain

seeker stalking what’s beyond
intimate is not the goal
unless the treasure is held bare
put to the hand before the eyes

still the orb pins the sky
darkened cotton in foreground
while the background is my goal
questing riddles of the mind

midnight will hold my trust
a path I’ll walk before sunrise
until that time I will commit
to the companion none may see.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170901.
Tags: friendship, poem

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