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Poem - Share the Words

“Share the Words” is about the writer’s place in both sharing their world and confirming the world shared by others.

Share the Words

Don’t you hush when words are there
awaiting voice, a place to share
to like ones to be affirmed
by the wounds they will be known

discovery yields blessed insight
to life’s full scope under strife
by existence much like their own
the lowest strive to still survive

the blows of fate will soon come
when circumstance is unkind
the sun will shine, the rain will fall
commonality in public eye

the bruising egos and wounding flesh
distributed to mortal souls
are not the venue of one group
when the pen scratches page

these instructions denote the fall
brought out of shadows on poet’s thoughts
perhaps it’s best to concede
when on knees the lesson comes

escape is found in the phrase
a load distributed is less held
then considered to be normal
within the breadth of God’s domain

a choice made to take the plunge
comments penned are my own
escape is found in the phrase
release of poison or of praise

no longer festering in the dark
when light of phrase shows the way
do your part to stake your place
with a voice to share the words.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170924.
Tags: poem, poet

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