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Poem - Sheltered Gaps

“Sheltered Gaps” is about the balm of sleep and other things.

Sheltered Gaps

Relief is marked in sheltered gaps
visits on the other side
from the nightmares ever present
awaiting in the other hours
I walk to realms of tempered gloom
though the sun may shine above
here my dreams are the escape
from the presence of dismay.

Damn this path that stretches on
gibbering shadows push on every side
I'll take illusion in madness’ stead
if reclining is a choice
substance craves due consequence
I'd supply this with all haste
if my hand were allowed
to have free reign to ease the pain.

Then the voice of sanity
companion to a wider world
begs for same as the day before
one with continuance as reward
escape must come if I'm to last
I wish this were a fairy tale
so I'll struggle until I rest
to find my shelter in the gaps.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170926.
Tags: dreams, poem

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