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Poem - Discomfort

“Discomfort” is about the struggle of both living with mental illness and having others understand the struggle.


I'm sorry if discomfort flows
from the words I've shared before
or the ones now dispensed
hinting at the darkest pits
disquiet reigns if I speak
venting screams break the peace
best kept back from the sane
their reaction is so distressed.

My failing taunts the helpful friends
in response they try to shine
seeking answers few may supply
for the soul that suffers still
intrusive thoughts are kept to self
when shocked response is typical
of the allies I’d like to have
instead they think I’m alien.

Not knowing is the worst of it
when pain’s full breadth does not relate
still please don’t abandon me
to the monsters deep within
understanding becomes the wall
with a gate that few may use
it seems companions have the key
those who walked in the same veil.

Here’s my advice to my mates
to inquire will not end the world
the malady will not leap the gap
nor deepen sickness that’s similar
between those who struggle and those who don't
both are victims in their own way
connection asks so much of each
when discomfort has its day.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170927.
Tags: depression, poem

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