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Poem - Glimpse of Excellence

I was pulling into my lunch dining location for an ethnic cuisine that I have multiple times a week. There, walking into the door with friends, was one of the most automatically attractive person I’ve ever seen. To put his into perspective, the dance community surrounds me with beautiful people, some so awesome that I am blessed to be their friend. Yet, from a distance, with a stranger, I was immediately smitten with desire (lust?). The poem “Glimpse of Excellence” is about that phenomenon.

Glimpse of Excellence

I thought I had seen it all
beauty expressed in its full
yet there I saw a pinnacle
not attained in the before

my breath escaped my throat
as if I'd stepped outside
from the contented path
to the idea of perfection

the eyes tracked to observe
what I could only look upon
as fate was in collaboration
with Cupid arrow's spiked

it mattered not what was taken
obsession came before all that
if only for a moment's breadth
I witnessed splendor's highest mark

now I return to the tried and true
with observation of normality
I'll not risk all I have
for the glimpse of excellence.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170928.
Tags: attraction, poem

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