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Poem - Phosphorus Burning

The poem “Phosphorus Burning” was inspired by a Tumblr picture of a matchbook and lit matches.

Phosphorus Burning

Matches stacked in neat rows
building blocks for the more complex
constructions begging God’s blind eye
while hoping Satan will play along

temptation spun to make a life
disregarding the consequence
as castle towers reach to the sky
built with desire in moment’s time

the long bodies have no danger
be they wood or paper made
same as a pencil or a spoon
myopic vision is the lure

given that the head still waits
explosion tucked in dormant sleep
always waiting for its time
to realize its aim in life

utility is the highest goal
ignoring tips that carry fire
when excitement seeks its own
rebuffing peril of future doom

when a spark becomes the end
bringing down the tallest dreams
ignition ceasing what came before
phosphorus burning before the rest.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170929.
Tags: poem, temptation

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