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Poem - Erotic Revealed

Gustav Klimt is credited with the quotation “all art is erotic”. I found this to be incredibly intriguing, especially as I walk the line of eroticism in my poetry. An examination of this created the poem “Erotic Revealed”.

Erotic Revealed

All art is erotic
so said the great Klimt
master of gender
put to oiled cloth

expressing emotion
the lens that reveals
well of desires
cloaked in abstract

gold leaf enhances
nature’s pure bliss
attraction to eyes
from curves mixed with lines

back to erotic
though I’ve not far swayed
from master’s side
with words put to page

I’ll look to my own
how I echo him
hinting the lewd
while stating the lust

mine is mix
objective one day
subjective another
the blur is my kitsch

exploring dynamics
the spectrum of life
those I inhabit
and those that I love

the craft speaks to carnal
then turns back to skill
beauty expressed
erotic revealed.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170930.
Tags: art, poem

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