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Poem - Instead the Naked

“Instead the Naked” is about a dream I had that featured a friend and I hanging out in a bathroom. Both of us were nude, with them in the tub and my standing a distance away. We were talking with no erotic vibe present. The poem explains how this falls into the established symbology of my dreams.

Instead the Naked

I dreamt of revealing more than most
in a bathroom with white tiles
a top a tub that held a friend
with whom I shared my nudity

before I share more of the dream
I’ll tell you of symbology
ciphers of the inner self
against which scenes may be accessed

the restroom has a special place
in the twilight of my sleep
as relief is sought to let
what’s been held too long inside

then consider the liquid realm
emotion mirrored in water’s depths
to be released or be submerged
both revealed slumber’s eye

back to the vision of resting time
I stood exposed in company
of a partner in life’s struggles
with whom I’ve shared my inner self

it’s no surprise I was undressed
without desire to merge as one
in the flesh as lover’s would
when exposure had move beyond

in that place where secrets fell
questions answered without fear
mysteries solved in consultation
when hearts and minds chose to undressed

clothes will remain while in the waking
as the most private is exchanged
I’ll take that over beau’s embrace
instead the naked is who I am.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171002.
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