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Poem - Why Don’t We Talk

Poverty, job discrimination, violence, and poor physical / mental health are experienced at a greater rate by a minority than by the majority. This is not discussed. Why? The majority would link the causality to the definition of the minority instead of to the life experience of the minority while dealing with the majority.

Why Don’t We Talk

Why don’t we talk about the ills
that impact the despised group
not understood from the start
with struggles in the mire of life?
perhaps the blame would then turn
to the difference in the front
not the symptoms that spill forth
because of impact from the crowd.

Separation is the cause
damnation heaped on top of hate
intolerance is the result
no will to heal, inflicting wounds
in the shadows the impacted
attempt to fit when there’s no space
crowded out by prejudice
partiality lost to loathing’s gain.

Sickness spills from the fight
damning those in shadow’s taint
with the small anxiety
or a desire to finally leave
invisibility with assumption heaped
toxins kept in the dark
to say more would curse the one
when their state becomes the cause.

Back to ills that wrack the group
not inherent to the mark
of how they stand outside of main
not willing to state how they feel
minority label on the forehead
scarlet letter that does not prompt
the maladies that tumble forth
through mistreatment by the whole.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171005.
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