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Poem - Royal Flush

“Royal Flush” is about the dichotomy between the struggle of society and the struggle of the individual. The template of the larger may press upon the smaller, with the madness transferring from one to the other, even if this is not the intent.

Royal Flush

How shall I respond to the natural order
bent to lastly harm itself?
an example of mankind’s folly
taken to heart by a sad student

the lesson states that struggle wastes
effort best put to laying down
when those in power will endeavor
to shape the world as they want

back to the ruin, the highest teaching
etched in stone by dripping scorn
this is the impression from outside
witness to conscious wanting more

screaming does little in the gulf
instead of seeming the wise one
alarm that’s raised is a motion
wasted against the incensed void

in this place I may find sanity
or I’ll loose what I have left
in the face of life’s betrayal
the latter will be the sad outcome

dust is found instead of gold
humanity’s gesture I’ll take to heart
acceptance of the choices made
with mine joined to make a royal flush.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171008.
Tags: poem, society

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