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Poem - Beyond the Fold

“Beyond the Fold” is about living life outside of the lines.

Beyond the Fold

Pardon me while I bend
not to the world with its rules
instead I twist to find myself
providing contrast to the norm

take a pinch of spicy jest
seasoned by the many years
flavor spun to satisfy
if appetite accepts my flair

perhaps I’m bent, the bawdy one
until I’m seen with my comrades
they are bookends to my itch
to express impure thoughts

not a scoundrel as some contend
instead a trickster, child at heart
only a charlatan to myself
I’ll not trick the common man

now I’ll bend the knee to show
contriteness for my revelry
until I remember why it’s so
I strive to live beyond the fold.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171024.
Tags: diversity, poem

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