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Poem - Friends I’d Not Expect

I am seriously surprised, delightfully so, by the friends I have in the dance community. Often I am chatted up by the unexpected person. I welcome the interactions though I may not adequately show it. They teach me about things I may have missed in my life experience, affirm my belief that humanity isn’t a failed enterprise, and help assure that I’m not alone in this world.

Friends I’d Not Expect

On this day I'll celebrate
the breadth of life outside of lines
to walk the paths of my life
with the friends I'd not expect
companions of so many stripes
some like me, many not
while I may not know the cause
embracing life is why they strive.

If I attach to who I am
diversity has no loved place
this I learned as I met
those outside my bubble's span
I hope to do the same for them
show a glimpse of what could be
that fools have wisdom of their own
outside of boxes where dogma lies.

The sweetest part is to see
beauty's mark in so many ways
assuring me something's left behind
far from ugliness I view elsewhere
the progress made through the years
though they are not my children
warms my heart in the same way
growth achieved by leaps and bounds.

In due time there will be a day
when they leave or perhaps I will
life's that way don't you know
gifts bestowed and then removed
with this threat I'll not recede
though time’s cruel ways deny all
with friends I’d not expect
I’ll celebrate more than the sum.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171026.
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