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Poem - Style's Intent

Many of my friends are quite lovely. Some are lovely plus some. That’s because they have a personal style laid on top of their natural beauty. “Style’s Intent” is about these occurrences.

Style's Intent

Of all the perks in life I love
I'll admit there's one I hold
above all else that may impress
it's the style of that exceeds
signature of a sparkling soul
manifest to show the world.

Of course the surface is quite nice
a smile and curves that combine
radiant by measure I'll attest
yet this pales by what's beyond
blend by hand of artisan
with credit due to the same.

Calling forth from pop culture
amalgamation of history
what's been old is made new
stirred together to express
what's come before is the truth
for personality now imbued.

Now I'll state what must be said
with little wind I still have left
after they’ve robbed my breath
beauty blessed by style's intent
attention turns to those who walk
on the paths they make their own.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171101.
Tags: beauty, poem

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