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Poem - An Eye’s Color

“An Eye’s Color” is about the complicated relationship between surface measures of beauty, perceiving the beauty of the full world, and viewing our beauty in the mirrors of others.

An Eye’s Color

An eye’s color does not dictate
nor even vision to realize
lines and curves confirming space
when truer sight lays beyond

all are asked to discern
where they stand in this world
relative to kindred souls
or the ones that they oppose

the beauty waits beyond the eye
within the self and outward too
every inch or yard by measure
recognition is pleasure’s task

reflection of the purest form
in relevance of glamor’s grasp
echoes charm when they inform
every aspect shared by all

turn around to view yourself
irrespective from color’s stamp
there is utility in the stance
gazing far beyond one’s self

mirrors seen in those who stand
close enough to window souls
perhaps mismatch, perhaps the same
an eye’s color does not dictate.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171105.
Tags: beauty, poem

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