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Poem - A Lack of Pants

I dreamt that I was at work, sans pants or underwear, again. In the dream, I considered that I would be further along if I didn’t keep removing my trousers. Life is unfair sometimes, providing avenues of self-express, and then yanking them away. The poem “A Lack of Pants” speaks to how the dream spoke back to a prior career.

A Lack of Pants

A lack of pants may be the cause
to my status holding pat
this was the lesson in my dreams
reminder of what could have been

promotion was kept from my hand
when the air hits private parts
if I only were still employed
in my past career of prior years

by the day I walked school halls
institution of higher calling
engineering learned in daylight’s span
revelation in night time hours

vocation forgiving of the lack
college stripper, one who dared
to remove the outer garbs
showing what birth endowed

making bucks one at a time
though back then it was different
quarters bounced on the stage
rolled together, then to the bank

now I make so much more
with pants kept on to my chagrin
this was the message of sleep’s balm
hinting I should turn back years

sadly I live in the present
upright citizen, fully clothed
still the echoes rush to meet
asking more in my sleep

it’s all a dream in hush domain
twilight where my brain resolved
to consider what could be
if revelation was returned.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171124.
Tags: dream, poem

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