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Poem - Cavorts in Chains

“Cavorts in Chains” was inspired by the title of a Tumblr posting, “We are hollow marrionettes”.

Cavorts in Chains

Marrionettes come to the dance
pulled by strings high above
directing actions, fate foretold

pre-recorded, the music plays
always it will sound the same
tied to bondage instead of bliss

darkness hides those who tug
threads on hearts, cords to mind
while puppets jump far below

an illusion is set on stage
cast by lights that command
attention paid to masters’ call

still belief maintains a hope
surety as last resort
if only this were the truth

no longer are the dolls detached
from expectations separate
as independence cavorts in chains.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171126.
Tags: bondage, poem

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