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Zombie Attack

I had a weird dream this morning. It would have been a nightmare for some, but for me it is just a 'normal' dream.

I dreamt that I was in a house with a bunch of people. Nothing new here. I dream of groups all the time. We knew that we were going to be attacked be zombies and something else. I can't remember what the 'something else' was, but I clearly remember somebody talking about the zombies and something else attacking at different times. I knew this was not to be the case. They were going to attack at the same time. The funny thing is that I knew we had been attacked before and barely survived. Previously we had rifles and automatic weapons available. I did not relish another attack. The person made it sound easy, but I knew staging another defense was a lot of work. So, I ran around trying to find a gun and ammo to defend myself. I found a small pistol and then lost it. No rifles or automatic weapons yet. Zombies started popping up. I found some 22 caliber ammo but no gun. It really got irritating. My morning alarm finally went off and I left the dream behind.

This dream was not a nightmare for me because for years I've dreamt of being pursued by aliens and vampires. This type of dream turns into chase of sorts, with my running while finding weapons. Ah, a clue! My lovely mate asks me why I don't mind zombie movies and "people being chased by X" movies. The answer seems to be that I've come to a peace of sorts with such in my dreams.
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