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Poem - Echoed in Dreams

Sometimes dreams remind us of old friends, those that have drifted away by the unkind fates. “Echoed in Dreams” is about this malady.

Echoed in Dreams

Face from an age consumed by the past
echoed in dreams that taunt here and now
recalling the tension that ushered the end
to the missed friendship no longer alive

again I am visited by the chill haunt
walker of dreams aped in my mind
reminding me of the painful discord
creating a gulf with no end in sight

during the dreaming I saw how it is
nectar of kindness offered to all
except to this one, the witness had naught
instead a cold chill was sent to my heart

I persisted to get a few words
in past night trances they vanished with none
I was rewarded, a small victory
though it was empty, void of much love

there are some pictures that mark fellowship
more clear than old memories, faded by years
fodder for visions in still of the night
all I have left, now that they’re gone

I’ve fallen so far from past harmonies
when friendship had blossomed decades ago
now I have dreams that recall the one
the star of the three, far from my side.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171128.
Tags: friendship, poem

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