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Poem - Wolves Circling

“Wolves Circling” is about anxiety dreams. These are the ones that hint at terrible matters, once thought not possible, but now given a hint of truth by repetition in sleeping spaces.

Wolves Circling

I watch the wolves circling
keeping distance yet in sight
unkind guests beyond the veil
I have no tool to scare them off

feinted lunges warn of more
when I wake at the dawn
stalked apart from that place
where fantasy is all I have

once again the perilous
greets me in the halls of sleep
echoing that I may not escape
when light comes and I awake

hinting teeth that can bite
when a lunge may take my life
astral wounds that may extend
to the world outside of bed

I may rise before the end
hinted by sleep’s oracle
then wonder if the same awaits
in the realm of beyond the wolves

I shake illusion from my head
to hope it stays in those hells
for if it stalks into my world
this nightmare will consume the all.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171203.
Tags: axiety, poem
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