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Poem - Dreamer of the Void

“Dreamer of the Void” was inspired by a meme that exclaimed “You need to believe in things that aren’t true. How else can they become?”.

Dreamer of the Void

Call me a dreamer of the void
desiring what’s not yet found
it’s not a lust as most know
feeling the firmness in my mind
phantasm beyond the veil
before the presence is at hand

assurance springs from reverie
manifesting a universe
belief relying on what could be
how else could this all become?
now that the past has deceased
a path removed that none may walk

they’ll think I lie with certitude
veracity borne of mystery
far to sure to know the truth
I seem to have a prophecy
mirage a bubble to the left
soon they’ll know I’m serious

an architect with shadow’s tools
this fantasy revealed in verse
starting point of future’s spoils
the course is found in fiction’s lap
hope I’ll share as an ideal
no longer figment as time unfolds.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171219.
Tags: dreams, poem

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