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Poem - I’m Okay

“I’m Okay” is about one of the emotional struggles of life. Life can be cruising along, and then BAM, the right person says the wrong thing.

I’m Okay

Then I think I’m okay
it’s a thought I’ll embrace
until the world ignores my plea

mostly so, that’s the mistake
just half way is incomplete
when the doom manifests

because that person says the word
stream of pain manifest
the end result is my dismay

the facade is put to dust
flowing fast through my hands
with the sanity close behind

in the end I’ll compensate
medication by pill or glass
one or both will point the way

now I no longer think
ignorance has replaced
okay and more, swept away.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171223.
Tags: depression, poem

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