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Dec. 25th, 2017 @ 02:38 pm Poem - Both Short and Long
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“Both Short and Long” is about the many aspirations of hair length. I adore my friends who push the lines because it shows they are fearless, honest, and dedicated to living life.

Both Short and Long

The length of hair tells no lies
be it short or be it long
declaration tells the truth
comfort found is behold
this relief masks a need
for contentment beyond the hair
identity becomes the goal
with the terse or the robust.

Expression comes in many ways
tied to gender or to spite
the former may be subtle
with the latter the trickster’s path
one or the other may be the cause
perhaps the two combine to call
society to see the soul
behind the hair that’s on top.

Identity is sacrosanct
asking all to have respect
when the soul finds a way
to reveal what’s felt within
it could match the natal stamp
you’ll never know unless you ask
and even then a puzzle reigns
unless respect has been spent.

This contrasts with the Rogue
pushing buttons they enjoy
asking all to play along
with the wry merriment
it’s heartfelt in the jest
mostly honest you will see
if you follow the bouncing ball
leading to the bamboozle.

I’ve circled round to the moral
of two paths sculpting hair
both for pleasure from the heart
evoking all the lengths conceived
I’ve walked many on my path
while I celebrate those who indulge
in the same as they pursue
the hair worn both short and long.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171225.
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