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Dec. 31st, 2017 @ 08:55 pm Blog - Poetry in 2017
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How much poetry did I write in 2017? 379 poems were authored for a total of 50,366 words. I’ve written 1300 poems for a total of 169,556 words since September of 2014. I write what I know, and by measure of my topic counts on All Poetry I have:

Dance (https://allpoetry.com/list/596797-Dance-Poetry): 111
Depression (https://allpoetry.com/list/596812-Depression): 139
LGBQTIA (https://allpoetry.com/list/596824-Lgbqtia): 70

That’s a total of 320 categorized poems out of 1300. This leaves a lot of uncategorized poems! Sorting them out will be my 2018 project.
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