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Poem - Truce Signed in Tears

“Truce Signed in Tears” is about finding peace, and then overcoming, some of my demons during the year of 2017.

Truce Signed in Tears

The year has had its way
so many days come and gone
leaving me far more wise
than at the start of twelve months’ time

coadjutors have shown the way
though this word is too pure
implying aid performed with grace
damn these allies of lower plains

my companions are the imps
some are small as word relates
others monstrous in their scope
all a rouge for what they’ve rote

it’s these echoes I’ve combat
with the need to overcome
at least not walk the same paths
a host of angels would condemn

what of these demons, the fallen fiends?
they feed on troughs I’ve supplied
in reaction to world’s splendor
the loveliness that sparks the lust

it’s not the fault of beauty’s face
I stand alone to face the blame
in this truth I’m set free
to find a way to save my fate

the answer is in taming beasts
I mean the wicked felt within
finding peace with God’s bounty
reacting righteous with feet of clay

this was the lesson of the past year
the darkest voices then made mute
now co-oped by a wiser heart
with a truce signed in tears.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171231.
Tags: desire, poem

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