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Poem - A Few Lines

“A Few Lines” is a consideration of the poet’s journey. The odds of being remembered beyond the small circle of peers is incredibly remote. Yet, the poet may choose to step forward for reasons that only they may give voice to.

A Few Lines

I’ll walk a story in few lines
colored by the world I know
as a journey I choose to make
finding more than what’s at hand
with the page as my path
beckoning bridge that I may cross
beneath the currents have their way
rushing forward to declare.

Flowing rhymes in a stream
spilling truth in couplet’s course
there I find myself seeking
how to bind their verity
emptying to the last vessel
a smooth surface hides the gulfs
filled with the million drops
this loch too deep to fully plumb.

Capturing more than the lowly words
most are held close to breast
some escape the cold waters
just a whisper of what may flow
when I view what came before
far below and then beyond
wishing just to share a part
to stand among the past giants.

On far horizon, the road may end
no longer will the stream empty
it matters not for I’ll have walked
emptied poems a few may find
I’ll not lose hope, nor will I stop
until the pen cannot be held
and then a world may find my work
in traveled depths, a few lines.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180101.
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