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Poem - An Orange Dress

“An Orange Dress” is about the recesses of dreams, and the images that may appear away from the waking world.

An Orange Dress

I dreamt I found an orange dress
tangerine, a pastel shade
that spoke to my yearning heart
'wear this beauty to present'
divinity put into cloth
Aphrodite would be proud
radiant color on display
panoply beyond compare.

The pleats were pure in flowing lines
from the shoulder to the hem
slits just right to show the flesh
this naughty slip that I adored
to have this garb became my goal
planning on how to conceal
where I could wait until a time
that I could wear to feel gorgeous.

You may ask of the disconnect
convention dashed in retrospect
of my gender and the gown
I'd dissuade you from that frown
the mind meanders in desire
revelation with no blame
allowing visions that are suppressed
in the waking beyond the veil.

To know the other side of life
revealing goals in safe space
I see beauty and wish to appease
the longing felt deep within
back to the dream, that secret place
into the closet this garment went
a secret vault for lovely clothes
collection worn in slumber’s folds.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180109.
Tags: dreaming, poem

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