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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

I saw the new ATHF movie. Here's my impression. If you are already an ATHF fan, this movie is decent enough. If you are not a fan, do not see this movie. It will not make you a fan of the show. Additionally, non-fan reactions will not be pretty. Witness these two contrasting reviews:

Non-Fan Reaction:
The big-screen version of the popular "Adult Swim " cartoon, is, essentially, an act of terrorism against entertainment. It's inconsequential, potty - mouthed, extremely silly, and -- the worst sin of all -- dead boring.

Fan Reaction:
"ATHF" is even more random and surreal, with little regard for the basic laws of gravity — or space and time for that matter. And the movie, rated R for crude and sexual humor, violent images and language, goes where TV can't, with lots of loud, leering, potty-mouthed stuff.

A BIG warning for you fans. Do not, under any circumstances, take your non-fan SO, friends or family to this movie. Your sanity will be questioned, your close relationships will come to an end, and you may very well be disinherited. You have been warned...

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