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Jan. 10th, 2018 @ 01:33 pm Poem - Poet’s Brush
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I wrote a poem about respectability politics. A reader said, “so many broken folk who have been squashed into an ill fitting mold”. I explained further what my thoughts were. The reader then said, “seem to have read a different poem from the one you describe”. This isn’t unusual. The poet, or any type writer perhaps, can speak to one focus and the reader will pick up on another. The reasons are varied. The end result is OK, at least in the case of poetry. The poem speaks to the reader in a perfect way.

Poet’s Brush

My prose evokes quite a range
of impressions beyond what's plain
to this poet scribbling lines
in an effort to share my mind

positions stated that I hold dear
sometimes fuzzy lest I spook
the kind readers that are not immersed
in the lifestyles that I embrace

I say gray instead of black
nuance flows between the lines
hinting more than what's said
clouds in face of the sun

meaning flows from the words
though the import may be blurred
when the view assumes a world
all too different from my own

even when the contrast pops
the evidence may fade to black
if the log blocks the sight
of the vision in which it’s lodged

I'll not lie to my dear friends
nor will I fib to a stranger's face
truth beyond words blurs in the mind
filtered by ego of a life time

the end result becomes a blur
life that's known but cannot be told
muttered in whispers by poet's brush
garbled as I seek to speak God's name

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180110.
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