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Poem - At Last Cast

“At Last Cast” was inspired by a friend’s replying comment, “a wizard is never late”. This seemed like poetry fodder of the highest order. The end result is an exploration of what it means to find yourself in the span of compliance and mundanity.

At Last Cast

A wizard is never late
only tardy by others ranks
of what’s important to ensure
manifestation in the world
time may have passed away
victim of a world spinning
seasons come and then gone
this moment holds the true worth

so many headstones for the days
soldiers felled in constant war
between magic’s final goal
and the focus of the herd
trotting long in sole focus
to move between here and there
bent to mask what was below
robes in crimson streaked with gold

still the way may be found
spells toned to reveal the lost
hidden from all but one
even there, a path concealed
revelation comes with a price
exiting grooves worn by those
without the same bent of mind
or a heart that seeks its own

magic sprung that may confuse
defiance evoked with sorcery
this is what the mundanes think
while the truth is much more
with the outcome in shades of black
or hot coral that some prefer
vision seeks what’s inside
then manifested in their desire

the wizard arrives when they do
conjuring in the third degree
experience gained from within
then outwardly pushed to express
manifestation on their terms
this is the way that magic turns
celebrate the phoenix birth
found in flames at last cast.

2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180118.
Tags: individual, poem

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