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Poem - I’m Now Blessed

Why should a person social dance? “I’m Now Blessed” attempts to provide an answer to the question.

I’m Now Blessed

The world bends in this space
put to task in face of joy
when consent is manifest
as music plays to set the tone

notes are transport for the heart
not turned to love, instead to like
of the company near at hand
held close enough to block the world

we two souls would walk alone
seeking comfort from the storm
are brought together to find bliss
if for a moment, or a few more

creating more than I could ask
boon passed down by God’s grace
though the pundits would differ
they’re not the ones that I embrace

at this point the dance recedes
glorious path is put aside
no longer focus of my step
when an angel fills my arms

smile bedecking lovely frame
I’ll hold them close in this space
reality consumed by joy
if for a moment, I’m now blessed.

2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180121.
Tags: dance, poem

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