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Poem - Top Regret

“Top Regret” was inspired by a YouTube video about living authentically.

Top Regret

If I could name my top regret
source of sorrow in my heart
the villain would the masks
I wear in place of myself

marked with the happy smile
or confidence in business stride
cookie-cutter to appease
disregarding the inner peace

revelation has come at last
then put aside to compensate
for the whims of other men
those who would not understand

such is the challenge I now face
excuse the pun that's been made
while the veil obscures your sight
you'll hear the tears behind the smile

this shell enabled to present
a false guise that brings me grief
blessed by all who walk outside
while I mourn what's lost inside

when the physical does not explain
mute assistant of my pain
giving comfort to the lie
regret struggling in my life.

2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180122.
Tags: pain, poem

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