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Poem - Hepburn’s Charm

“Hepburn’s Charm” is about the undeniable beauty of Audrey Hepburn.

Hepburn’s Charm

Brunette sprite of fairy kin
this impression fills my eyes
lending reason to the call
of shifting to another shell
you may wonder why I long
to fold back to a past icon
personifying so much grace
I’ll tell you why in words of prose.

Pixie haircut framing orbs
hazel green looked at the world
even in the black and white
the magic shown to be revealed
stature blessed by touch of Venus
perfect nose, to me it matters
all of this displays the answer
consideration of what I’m missing.

Reflection from a bygone age
hinting at who I should be
when satisfaction of the gaze
echoes more than beauty’s praise
you may see just an actress
one of many across the decades
this may be true for the ones
not seeing more in Hepburn’s charm.

Of course I speak of sweet Audrey
with a star that still shines bright
muse of my bearing if I could wish
to shift so much in nature’s realm
time and space should concede
warp to fill my deepest dream
of matching looks to dear Edda
the ardent wishes I feel within.

2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180127.
Tags: beauty, poem

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