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Poem - Fed The Deer

“Fed The Deer” is a spiritual poem about captivity and exploration.

Fed The Deer

She asked me if I fed the deer
scattering grain through the glade
seeking more than I possessed
by small gifts cast to ground
wisdom springs from seeds planted
in fertile soil of pensive souls
storms stir deep, out of sight
asking magic to be described.

There are villains in the woods
selfish imps that trust no one
holding captive the travelers
who sought passage to beyond
grace possessed by the trapped
turned inward by consequence
by fairy realms the fruits are masked
bending then to dogma’s clout.

The guardians of humanity
walk between the two realms
both the soft and the strong
held in hand to find the way
both the doe and the buck
walk the paths that lead out
revelations lead to the dawn
stripping chains from the oppressed.

On the trails from here to there
we are asked to find our way
by the magic of the guides
returning gifts cast to the ground
I’m still lost in the beyond
while she holds my hand to soothe
what’s been found has fed the deer
wishing more could be revealed.

2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180129.
Tags: poem, self

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