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Poem - Contrary Straits

“Contrary Straits” is a poetic examination of the quote, “There is beauty in the chaos, the madness, Perfection in the imperfection, Joy in the sadness, If you know how to look”.

Contrary Straits

They said that I would find
reason in contrary straits
to these ends I flung myself
damned by what was found

I sought perfection in the void
far beyond the mess of life
there was nothing to be done
when the vacuum filled my lungs

beauty was searched for in the dark
among the crags of startling height
cue the falls before I found
loveliness could be fetched

joy lurked in the hot fire
stinging all that hunted there
the gray ash was left of me
after flesh flowed from my bones

sanity waited beyond my reach
in perfection no longer found
broken far below the life’s grace
bliss lost to consuming flames.

2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180130.
Tags: madness, poem

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