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Poem - My End

“My End” began with a thought stream echoed on the first line, “perfect honesty could be my end”. Perfection is a difficult pursuit in any area. The ideal is never achieved, and if it is in some small measure, the outcome becomes the topic of public disagreement. There is a silver lining to this, if engagement is the ultimate goal.

My End

Perfect honesty could be my end
as the beginning is finally sought
asking to be taken seriously
between revelations none shall believe

the greatest risk is not attack
it’s instead to be sent away
an alien beyond love of expressed
in deserts found where souls die

asking notice by flagrant means
when the stage invites detours
from safe roads lined with chains
when in the distant the rainbows gleam

these fruits are born on sheltered trees
clustered orchards remove the freak
requesting safety when mirrors show
alike few discerning same

pools of assent are what I seek
being wanted for who I am
it’s not that I must love myself
I wish instead that I’m desired

acceptance is the best defense
prompting numbness as I present
glimpses of growths behind the veil
integrity asking for compensate

here is the danger I represent
asking notice by flagrant means
verity flapping from self-owned tongue
abetting the world to bear witness

the void is never completely blank
there are creations by God’s hand
that flow together when honesty reigns
no longer serious but all too real.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180201.
Tags: poem, self-discovery

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