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Poem - Lettered Deeds

A purpose of poetry is to describe the indescribable, at least those parts that “normal” writing fails to simultaneously explain and hide the rawest parts of the poet’s life.

Lettered Deeds

I use the words to cloak myself
even as I stand in the nude
asking all to see nothing
while exposure is decreed

it’s no wonder confusion reigns
as readers try to understand
glimpses seen of private parts
blurred for safety of innocence

revelation is far to raw
testimony beyond the shade
stating more than most wish
even though it’s commonplace

bereft of garments that could protect
I weave my own in colored verse
hinting more than what’s said
on the surface of the page

letters shield my intent
when the reader is confused
with no reference to their own
mumbo jumbo are my clothes

the insightful strip me down
seeing bits that are unclad
victory achieved at long last
lettered deeds explaining self.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180203.
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