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Poem - Oh So Small

I tend to get stuck on a theme in my poetry. This is a sign that I am gnawing on a thought. “Oh So Small” is another poem about revelation.

Oh So Small

Once I tell you who I am
the world will still revolve
same as before truth came out
oh so small in breadth of time
shocking secrets become numb
inadequate to stir the heart
volume turned down to zero
against the thunder of mankind

this pin prick of my flesh
imagines rivers as result
drowning those in the way
not yet scrambled to high ground
only drops are squeezed forth
imbued by all I am
now brought low when I compare
veneration of the world's toils

participants in my charade
honored guests of the sham
witness the grand unveiling
it's all trite in dull hindsight
when the other dramas reign
as important as what I betray
so much more considering
their expiry is more than mine

put aside my revelations
they matter not on the whole
pass me yours if you insist
I'll honor struggles of my friends
none of this is permanent
just a drop in our loves
ripples marking this passage
yours and mine in breadth of time.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180205.
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