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Poem - Final Peace

“Final Peace” was inspired by a random thought about how tired I am nowadays. I then realized that my dreams are full of activity, though the sum of it has no discernible impact on my fellow waking travelers. My waking life seems to have little impact on my dreams as they are peopled by mostly strangers. What is the common thread?

Final Peace

Here’s the struggle I face each day
to stay awake or lay to sleep
tiredness grips my daylight frame
the need to strive evades the night

the preference is evoked
by the side of fence to which I stand
one or the other would be best
except it’s not the one I’m on

here’s the joke on this soul
there are people on each side
some I know, the most I don’t
walking through the halls of life

in the waking I may dance
while in sleep I do the same
the mode is different on each side
with comforts found in unlike ways

the veil of dreams is an escape
so is waking at best of times
divergence from these storied realms
speaks to darkness neither holds

death in love is my chord
the tune struck by this struggle
wanting something I can’t have
final peace from consciousness.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180210.
Tags: peace, poem

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