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The Inca Medicine Wheel - Part 1

This is the first in series of articles on the Inca Medicine Wheel. I found this model of the universe to be also a wonderful guide to progressing in my spiritual life. These articles are not meant to be a comprehensive, traditionally correct interpretation of the Inca Medicine Wheel. These articles are intended to share the inherent shamanic wisdom and spiritual utility present in this wheel.

The Medicine Wheel

The journey of the Four Winds, the path of the Medicine Wheel, is an expression of the shaman’s journey of the soul. This is a journey into Eros, the feminine, the intuitive mind, the place of myth and dreams. This journey is foreign to most of the human species as they are living under the dictatorship of logos, the patriarchal, and the rational mind of the last half of the second millennium.

There is no specific formula for transformation within the shamanic tradition. There is a concept of the Medicine Wheel, but the lessons learned and the skills acquired along the way are not dependent upon specific places of power. Shamanism is not a religion; it is not a regimented system of devotion. It is an attitude, a personal discipline, a state of mind.

One can never finish the wheel. The medicine wheel is a circle, a great spiral. The medicine wheel traditionally represents a life’s journey, but it can also represent the movement in life that takes place during a week, year, or decade. Indeed, the wheel can be traveled in a single breadth or across lifetimes. The application is friendly to the goal of living in the moment while also applying to learning and growing through multiple lifetimes. There are small journeys in big journeys. Each part of the shaman’s life may be on a different part of the wheel, while their entire life is on another.

Many who travel along the Medicine Wheel become seduced by its power. Few complete the circle, commune with the ancient ancestors and their knowledge of the North and overcome their power in the East to become persons of knowledge, children of the Sun. The person of power casts no shadow, as does the Sun.


Dance of the Four Winds : Secrets of the Inca Medicine Wheel by Alberto Villoldo, Erik Jendresen (previously printed as The Four Winds : A Shaman's Odyssey into the Amazon)
Island of the Sun : Mastering the Inca Medicine Wheel by Alberto Villoldo, Erik Jendresen
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