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Poem - Fae Wings

“Fae Wings” was inspired by a series of pictures that had butterfly wings sewn on to the backs of models.

Fae Wings

If I could sew on my wings
a rainbow’s worth of many colors
stolen from the secret vault
put on my back so I could fly
would I bloom from within
in response to this invite
stitched with love of the self
at last coming to the front.

For too long the dungeon held
my truest spark in strong chains
formed to ease other minds
while mine lost a grip on life
with the mask seeming plain
these prison bars blocked my way
four walls made up the cage
the convict trapped within.

Doors drop away when I reveal
imagined self to the world
denial removed from my sphere
origins blossoming at long last
I'll take up the needle and thread
force transformation with these tools
revealing how I long to be
by addition of fae wings.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180216.
Tags: freedom, poem

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