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Mar. 2nd, 2018 @ 02:42 pm Poem - I Led My Lord
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Apostasy of religious dogma seems to be the norm as self-avowed adherents pursue interests that are contrary to the conventional teachings of their faiths. Big words? People don't seem to live up to the religions they embrace. Life gets in the way of religiously dictated behavioral standards. "I Led My Lord" is about journeys into spaces where comfort is found. The Divine seems to be absent, but fear not, it is still there.

I Led My Lord

I led my lord to the dance
hoping all would turn out well
when at the door I was alone
redeemer vanished as music soared
my need to find an escape
bond to others in this dim space
moved my escort to step away
lest my hunger cause them pain.

Next I took them to the game
almighty sat to watch them play
while cheers for blood roared in the air
holy spirit had disappeared
a need to conquer was too much
soaking ground with vanquished blood
though metaphorical against true pain
just as red in sport's combat.

Godhead moved to my bed
shared with others in lust's full rout
deepest kinks remained private
as my maker fled when garbs dropped
nothing under heaven's dome
would be denied to those who squirm
all too natural for the flesh
finds damnation in maker's gaze.

A last attempt occurred at church
creator's home some would say
the pew was empty except for me
when the pulpit delivered hate
them and us was the chant
censure given to those who fail
to meet the rules of dogma's book
cast to hells while on this earth.

Where is my god in all these realms
domains of life I'll pursue?
why do they leave when I chase
some relief from life's torment?
the answer came with the touch
almighty spoke straight to my heart
'I stepped away at dogma's call
now I've returned to share your life'.

'A fallen nature is yours to bear
finding peace amongst sin
this is your place until the end
no judgment stated for your trip
from now on I'll travel there
the good and bad you’ll visit
and in the end all will see
my company was yours to keep'.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180302.
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