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Poem - Mirrors Broken

"Mirrors Broken" is a poem about personal identity and the reality of the world not reflecting the same.

Mirrors Broken

The mirror asks a question everyday
at dawn's light or edge of dusk
who is this one that looks back
the stranger seen but not recognized?

foreigner to my native land
even as the prison looms
surrounding all that defines me
spouting lies on it’s smooth face

the surface has no defect
all the echoes seem too true
yet still reality is disturbed
by the sham standing there

now the within asks to be viewed
by a mirror not made by man
instead the surrogate is conceived
from the pieces inside of me

it’s imperfect in your eyes
yet it’s closer to how I’d like
my world to form around a core
all too different from before

the new view will be true
even as the world protests
mirrors broken to free the soul
a faithful view is brought forth.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180307.
Tags: identity, poem

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