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Poem - Seeking Questions

“Seeking Questions” as inspired by a Tumblr meme that spoke about people being questions instead of answers. It seems to me that we’re also the answers in search of questions. Too often there is an abundance of circumstances. The answers are all around us. The questions are the illusive factor as they would explain the intentions of a hidden world.

Seeking Questions

I'm an answer seeking questions
end result you'd never guess
against the background of random chance
inside a box made from the past
now response begs for origins
something familiar when I'm the freak
no longer holding to the mold
exploding outward for all to see
the puzzle is scattered on the board
the box lid has been forever lost
perhaps God knows who I should be
what query would return my life.

The outcome is plain enough
though exploration still unwinds
in territory more frequented
by the youth less afraid
my generation walked the same paths
with few admitting that they did
in dark halls we whispered truths
while telling lies to a larger crowd
now the young strive in the light
revealing trails once concealed
kept from sight to most men
or only trod on by the brave.

Now I'm left with only claims
not sure how I came to be
or what purpose the divine
has for my continued life
meandering has brought me here
honesty grasped along the way
sharing more than perhaps I should
while unsure of the beginning quiz
perhaps you have the illusive query
something to wrap around these bits
scattered as a whole to represent
the person with more to share.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180314.
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