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The Inca Medicine Wheel - Part 4 – The North

This is the fourth in series of articles on the Inca Medicine Wheel. I found this model of the universe to be also a wonderful guide to progressing in my spiritual life. These articles are not meant to be a comprehensive, traditionally correct interpretation of the Inca Medicine Wheel. These articles are intended to share the inherent shamanic wisdom and spiritual utility present in this wheel.

The North

North the Dragon path, a place of ancient masters, grandmothers, grandfathers.

It is interesting to note that many religious paths offer teachings that cover the South and West steps of the wheel. Believers are instructed on how to discard their old lives and face death with assurance that there is something beyond. That is where their journey ends. A wall named dogma blocks the traveler from moving forward to the realm of the North.

The North is the place of the nagual. When named, the nagual is thought of as:
  • Infinity

  • The ayin, the divine nothingness of the cabala

  • Looking into the eyes of the Lady behind the veil and see the birth and death and destiny of the universe.

  • Blackness of infinite hollowness

It is none of these, and may be experienced as these. The way to the North is in the belly and the heart. It is not in the mind. There is no dogma in the North. To imagine it in the mind is to contaminate the North. When we rationalize the things ephemeral, when we intellectually frame the metaphysical, the thinking brain’s version of the divine is just another mask of God. To speak the name of God is to name the unnamable, to carry a concept of the Divine within our heads is to carry a shield between us and the experience of the Divine.

The awakening of ancient memories in the North is not the individual remembering. It is rather stepping through the crack between worlds and taking a place among the twice born, those who have conquered death. They are those who have done battle with the archetypes and the forces of Nature to become persons of knowledge. They are our ancestors, the trustees of Earth.


Mystical knowledge and abilities reside with the influence of ancestors and the elders in the North. The ego, seeking to sustain itself in this place, pacifies the shaman with visions of power used for the ego’s ends. The male and female meet in the North, and here they blend to androgynous mind, the creative principal that we personify as God, the union of Sun (masculine) and Earth (feminine), from which all life claims a common ground. The use of the power by the influence of the ego prevents this union and chains the shaman to be little more than a tyrant.

The Vision:

Way of mastery (Dragon, ancient masters).

The Feminine, Eros. Where we claim the lineage of men and women of knowledge. The place of androgynous mind, the creative principal that we personify as God, the union of Sun (masculine) and Earth (feminine), from which all life claims a common ground. Sex.

We gain an astral body, one that has a lifetime of the stars. The body of the ancient masters. A mystical body. Wisdom of the universe.

There are few shamans of the North – few true persons of knowledge. Many who tread this path stop along the way and are content to be healers and medicine people; they become masters of the South or West. They are not master shamans.

The Experience:

I journey to acquire the wisdom of all those who have journeyed before me. The North is not easily understood, as it is not something that is understood; it is experienced, and experiences seem limited. It is inaccessible to any who seek it encumbered by preconceptions or fears the past or the future


Dance of the Four Winds : Secrets of the Inca Medicine Wheel by Alberto Villoldo, Erik Jendresen (previously printed as The Four Winds : A Shaman's Odyssey into the Amazon)
Island of the Sun : Mastering the Inca Medicine Wheel by Alberto Villoldo, Erik Jendresen
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