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Poem - I Frankenstein

A friend shared a meme about Toxic People and The Smear Campaign. The meme’s creator commented the following: “I have personally endured this from toxic family, a toxic church, and people online - who claim to be trauma survivors, but fail to admit they are in fact toxic abusers themselves. This happens to kind, honest, genuine survivors of abuse, all too often.”

I sense the creator was making a statement about the kind, honest, genuine survivors of abuse being continually persecuted by the toxic elements. There is no escape for these eternal victims. I think there could be an alternative way to read the same sentences. Toxic people can be trauma survivors. Being toxic does not remove them from that possibility. The toxic people can also struggle to admit they are abusers. The toxic people are also, in their own way, kind, honest, and genuine survivors. This is a difficult concept to grasp. Toxic people are presented as being one-dimensional with no originating source other than pure evil. This is far from any conventional truth. My poem “I Frankenstein” is about how anybody can be a damaged combination of the world that created them.

I Frankenstein

Frankenstein was a master
I'm my own, it doesn't matter
when the parts of my whole
become a monster to the world
the brute exists at the peril
of innocents walking round me
little do they know their place
conjoined within my broken frame.

The outside scars are my frame
connecting tissue disparate
if I'm a work of macabre art
this mural's marked by tissue's grain
too many sources become the one
torn from the shadows near at hand
fiends or beasts are mirrored there
teasing madness from my brain.

If my mouth still had lips
perhaps the screams would be mine
a sharp response to the harm
blossoms fruit that I'll detest
as the knife cleaves the flesh
I'll add the new with bloody thread
a little's lost with no gain
my life diminishes with the pain.

These hands resign to their fates
right from left are ignorant
of what the other may conspire
to collude with spirit's bane
I'm Frankenstein borne anew
both the master and the brute
standing tall on borrowed time
seeking salve I now reject.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180403.
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