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The Inca Medicine Wheel - Part 5 – The East

This is the fifth and last in a series of articles on the Inca Medicine Wheel. I found this model of the universe to be also a wonderful guide to progressing in my spiritual life. These articles are not meant to be a comprehensive, traditionally correct interpretation of the Inca Medicine Wheel. These articles are intended to share the inherent shamanic wisdom and spiritual utility present in this wheel.

The East

According to legend, the eagle path in the East is the return to one’s tribe. In the East the individual accepts the gift of vision and the task of exercising that vision to create a better world politically, ecologically, and personally, to dream the possible future.

The shaman assumes full responsibility for who we are becoming and influences destiny by envisioning the possible. Destiny is not something over which you seek to gain control. Control of one’s destiny is an oxymoron. A man or woman of power can influence destiny. In the East one learns to dance with it, lead it across the floor of time.


And lastly the East, a place of returning to the tribe with knowledge and ability, is a place that few tread. The knowledge and power gained in the other directions are seen as gifts and tools, and not seen as the goals of a lifetime. They cannot be seen as goals, for the fourth enemy, old age, is not influenced by knowledge or power. The ego would like to use knowledge and power to battle old age as a last attempt to sustain itself. The shaman answers the call of Spirit to share and serve, and in this place of no-ego, the shaman finds their true place in the web of life even as they seem to give way to the last enemy.

The Vision:

Call upon power animals, acquire skills to work with the world, cast no shadow, leave no tracks (eagle).

The way of the visionary, whose task is to overcome pride and self-aggrandizement, to envision the possible human. The place of nonviolence in a world divided by struggle.

We gain a casual body. The thought before action. That which exists before the fact. Creative principle. The eagle body.

The Experience:

The East is the most difficult journey. In the East I learn to reconcile all that I know with the world in which I live. I call upon power animals, acquire skills to work with the world, cast no shadow, leave no tracks just as the Eagle in flight leaves no track.


Dance of the Four Winds : Secrets of the Inca Medicine Wheel by Alberto Villoldo, Erik Jendresen (previously printed as The Four Winds : A Shaman's Odyssey into the Amazon)
Island of the Sun : Mastering the Inca Medicine Wheel by Alberto Villoldo, Erik Jendresen
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