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Poem - Alien Girl

“Alien Girl” was partially inspired by a trailer for the movie “How to Talk to Girls at Parties”. The film is a sci-fi tale about a punk rocker who falls for a beautiful alien girl in 1970s London.

Alien Girl

I fell in love with an alien girl
a fair outlander found my heart
while I searched for certainty
of who I was or could be
less than human and so much more
a fair resemblance in the flesh
her paradigm of loveliness
inspired the same in my core

normality was not her strength
this was precious in relevance
as I searched the high heavens
for the parts once well hid
proximity brought me down to earth
then launched me far into space
confirming what I knew at heart
I belonged between the spheres

now I’ve joined the alien girl
crossing cosmos to find love
what I once thought was remote
resides inside to be unveiled
there I’ve found a kindred soul
the mirror echoes so much more
no longer lost in the woods
the self disclosed with rapport.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180405.
Tags: identity, poem

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