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Poem - The Perfect Poem

The poem “The Perfect Poem” was inspired by the title of a Tumblr poem: “imagined perfect poems and doodles”. I’ve been writing poems on a daily basis since September of 2014. Some of these poems are better than bad. One day I will write the perfect poem and not just another doodle.

The Perfect Poem

I imagined the perfect poem
rich with rhyming in the verse
stating contents of my heart
torn from flesh to paper’s face
the words would dance on the tongue
reciting wisdom of the muse
this fount I’ll not claim as my own
flowing freely from the pen

this is the dream I chase each day
seeking heights of excellence
with the tools from the bard
implemented with sad regard
practice makes for more good
tumbled right on top of self
witness how much I struggle
mambo dogface to the banana patch

words with meaning escape my grasp
as I quote the great Steve Martin
he was a god among the mortals
describing smoking of the pot
my poor attempts to pin words down
demand attempts to try once more
on each day the sun will rise
again I’ll scribble utterance

in this space I’ll express
the full spectrum of who I am
with no fear of who may see
the good or bad with ugliness
because a life has its quirks
waiting for the poetic twist
conjuration of highest order
a perfect poem found at last.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180408.
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